News In Pictures

STUDY: 85% of customer photos feature one or more shirtless family members

Student Loses Cool Card Five Weeks Before Sales School, Grieves

Student Manager asks Tri-Delt out for a PC on Friday night

Frustrated Gov. Perry Struggling for Likes on Bookman Page

Dealer Keeping Expenses Low by Avoiding Holiday Gift Giving

Dealer Goes Catatonic When Asked “How Was Your Summer?”

Study Finds Reading To Kids Great Way To Not Raise Criminals

Dealer Envies Simplistic Life of Cow

Local Residents Hold 5k For Dealer in Second Full Week of Deliveries

Persuasive dealer convinces host dad to swap roles with him for remainder of summer

Frustrated First Year Can’t Even Get Families To Spread Bad PR About Him

Dealer Checks-in With Local Law Enforcement

Gunslinger Kleifgen Recruits Top Rookie on Drive From Sales School to St Louis Lonely No One Visits, Sells It Anymore

Marketing Major Looking for Work Experience, Not a Sales Internship

Fraternity social chair only 5 weeks away from crying in his car over something some Virginia mom named Karen said

Group of Students Leave Info Session Excited to Gain Experience Skydiving and Touring Mexico

Scientists Theorize Existence of Third Type of Person in World

2013 Share The Advantage product donations to go toward animal shelters

Company condones gay marriage to territory…

Embarrassed Swenson sheds single tear after being emotionally-closed on pair of jeans at Buckle

Local student backs out via text, already good at face-to-face communication skills

Skeptical dog not sure why you’re asking about kids in the neighborhood

Lance Armstrong Resigns as Motivational Figure For Eagle/Blitz Division

Newswire: Trick or Treaters

Summer Reflections: Belarus Dealers Try To Remit Goats

Salata Transitions Into Door-to-Door Yacht Sales

Top Producer Salata Sells Coach Cal On Being UK Starting Forward For ’12-’13 Season

DSM Ford to Leave SW Until Samuels Can Talk Him Back Into It

Pete Burgess’ Folksy Sing-along Just The Sunday Pick-me-up Week 16 Dealers Needed

Dealer’s sales in Amish country show dramatic increase by replacing Bookmobile with Bookwagon

Local Sheriff Thinks 7th Summer FSL “Shouldn’t be throwin’ all them people’s names around”

“I never received all four of those notification cards” Says Mom To Dealer Holding Laundry Basket Full of Books

“Times Square is full of distractions, no houses” Claims Excuse-making Manhattan Dealer

DNA Test Confirms Rumors That Brandon Kew is ‘The Man’

Skwids Giraffe Selected in Student Manager Draft for Summer 2013

Dealer Finishes Week With 597u, Makes Cover of ‘Almost Magazine’

Rogue Org of Book-Selling Motorcycle Outlaws Gives Finger to Neighborhood Permit Ordinance

“Ugh, what’s with all the freakin’ old people?” Inquires Local First Year During PC

Top Producer Wes Linette Hires Stunt Double For Dangerous Objection Scenes

European Student Manager Loses 12 Team Members During Crowded Layover in Atlanta

Alarming Alligator Scare Exposed As Series of Deceitful Stepping Stones

INVESTIGATION: KJ’s Southwestern Doppelganger?

Southwestern Vocabulary Terms: Door

Grandparents Calling To Wish You Luck With Your Magazine Sales Again This Summer

First Year Finally Going For The Bag of Lunch

Local Tornado Waiting Until Sales School Before Ravaging Your Territory

Local Student To Seek Out New Work Opportunities To Be Scared Away From

Mark Rau Finding Time to Mix Business With Business

Area skeptic ready and waiting to write down your license plate number

Crowd Lost in Tim Ritzer’s Eyes

Coffee Shop Employee Wondering What Guy In Dress Clothes Is Doing There For Seven Hours Everyday

Discussion: M.C. Escher’s Art – Rory Vaden’s Fantasy or Nightmare?

Dealer In College Classroom Battles Flashbacks of Obscure Moments From Summer

Telescopic Pen Massive Recurring Disappointment

Occupy Wall Street Participants Finish 30th Demonstration, Leave For Field

Dan Moore’s Broadway Musical ‘Mr. Mediocrity’ Opens To Rave Reviews

Forgotten Walker Finally Arrives at Checkout

Adam Outland Sells 200 Units on Saturday, Throws 4 Touchdowns Against Bills on Sunday

Conference Call Ruined By Dealer Driving With Windows Down

Kansas 2nd Grader Completes First Ever Explore & Learn Owl Collage

Common Denominator of Success Turns Out To Be Territory

Bedford Mistakes Handful of Warheads as Peppermints Moments Before Speech

Bookbag Resentful Dealer Never Warned It of Being Urinated On Repeatedly By Area Dogs

Daredevil Ritzer Jumps 14 Cars On Motorcycle In Company Parking Lot

Big Check Wall Kinda Struggling This Year

Eagle/Blitz Alumnus Still Unable To Get Paint Off Car Window From Summer ’02

OL Can’t Keep Straight Face When Suggesting ‘Extra Selling’ As Part of Delivery Schedule

Dealer Wouldn’t Trade Friendship With Mrs Jones For Whole Bushel Basket of Books

First Year’s Bandmates Wait Faithfully For His Return

“So, where do all the kids live around here?” Inquires Clueless First Year

Family Has Wide Selection of Fake Plastic Fruit For Table Centerpiece

Southwestern To Suspend Sales in Honor of Shark Week

SCANDAL: Rory Vaden Caught Taking Elevator

Naked Toddler Comes To The Door

Lower Middle Class Family Has Pet Food Spilled All Over Porch

Confused Prospect Buys

Crafton Wakes Entire Sales Base Again With Incessant Late Night Tweets

DSM Matt Ross Off Doing His Own Thing Today

Family With The Brick House Probably Thinks They’re Better Than Everyone

Local Bank Reminding You How Hot It Is Today

Old Man Has a Lot To Tell You

Ghost of Mort Utley Having Fun Haunting Early Champions Again This Summer

Pre-Approach Map Gets Risque

Family Has Lion Picture On Wall

First Year Divorces Territory After Only 2 Weeks

“Hey, someone from the school is here,” Calls Inattentive Dad To Wife

Dealer Doesn’t See 30 Families Today, Was Raptured

Area Alumnus Lacking Sense of Urgency All Weekend

Books Still Equaling Money Reports Woman With Airhorn

DSM Mike Ford To Mingle With Beautiful Women Again Today

Area Alumni Tailgate Landers Plaza To Kick Off “Big Week” of Sales School

HQ Finds Non-Traditional Host Family Accomodations

OL Reminds First Years to Learn Intro Word-for-Word Because Next Week They Won’t Use It

Guys Sharing Hotel Bed is Awkward Claims Every Male First Year

Univ of Southern Georgia Really Going All Out on Execs This Year

Girl Cries in Parking Lot During Sales School, Probably Wont Make It This Summer

Coming This Summer: Easily ruinable plastic bookbag cover…

First Year Bookmobiles Prepare To Build Character

Top Producer Out For Season, Doctors Cite Broken Belief Barrier

Chris Samuels Going With Trusty Grey Suit, Blue Shirt Today

Dealers Welcomed To Sales School Again With Useless Black Bag

Car Caravan To Territory Gets Split Up at Atrium Way Traffic Light

Santa to teach advanced sales session at GRS: How to see a lot of families in a short amount of time


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