Click Here to Complain

Hi complainer,

Have you, a complainer, been offended by a BFB news report and would like to complain about it?

Well, you’re in the right spot. If you’re looking to complain about something Southwestern-related though, well you’re in the wrong spot. This site has nothing to do with that. This site is probably the one you’re looking for; go there and complain away about young people promoting education to families in your neighborhood and helping their peers develop character.

Anyway, here’s 2 things you can do if you want to complain about the BFB though:

  1. Understand that the BFB is satirical, and you’ve apparently become the very type of person who you didn’t want to become back when you were a kid. If you’ve accepted that, and still want to complain, all the complaining complainers who would still like to complain can type complain words to us about how much they hate us and how we’ve destroyed their lives via email:, or just tweet your hate to us @the_bookfield.
  2. Then, watch this video and let the soothing sounds of Hall & Oates calm you down, ya big complainer.

5 thoughts on “Click Here to Complain

  1. Rich girl is a better hall and oates song. Also someone should kick your ass for listening to hall and oates

    • BFB says:

      Sell some units, then you can complain. And if you hate on Hall & Oates again I’ll call your mother a Maneater straight to her face.

  2. BFB says:

    Will, thank you for your complaint. It took well over 2 months of procrastination, but we finally got around to responding to it. Now that the hotline is a thing of the past, I hope you can find something else to complain about; for instance: education, or college kids encouraging parents to read more to their kids. Remember as always, we’re here to ruin your hopes, goals, and dreams with stories about things that are made up.

  3. Yo bro…I was bout to complain, but then I saw I could chill out by listening to some Hall and Oates…but then the hotline was down. So this is me complaining that the hotline doesn’t work anymore.

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