Hipster Recruiter Unsure How He Feels About Growing Public Awareness of His Unique Indie-Contractor Job

Charles, seen here feeling deconstructed

Charles, seen here feeling deconstructed

UT AUSTIN – Local hipster and first time team builder Mark ‘MC’ Charles felt a true sense of irony today as he contemplated his own delicate balance between keeping his indie-contractor job relevant amongst just his circle of influence while also seeking to share his experience with others. Charles told reporters that his group of friends were “in touch with this scene” but it would be cool if the campus team didn’t get too big. According to Charles, he appreciates that his campus organization is growing with people deciding not being so “mainstream” with a culturally-sheltered retail job that requires no creative analytical thinking abilities, he just worries that his group will get too popular.

When reached for comment, Charles told reporters, “It’s like, I want to share this gift with others who will appreciate it for its effortlessness beauty, but I don’t want all of these traditional rule-followers to start signing up like it’s some kind of bandwagon and ruin the romance, you know? It’s like, right now, my job is still a lot like Grizzly Bear or Portugal.The Man and I don’t want to let it get all Arcade Fire or Mumford and Sons with a bunch of culturally-vapid girls and late-adopter dudes.”

At press time, Charles was telling reporters how he was anticipating summer selling when he would once again be the only guy in town talking to moms who “hadn’t heard about this yet.”


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