Moore ‘Catfished’ as Investigation Finds Mr. Mediocrity To Be Fictional Character

Moore the latest victim of a 'Catfishing'

Moore the latest victim of a ‘Catfishing’

NASHVILLE – In a series of events that are being described as “bizarre,” an investigation has discovered that the tweets, calls, emails, and text messages received by Dan Moore from a “Mr. Mediocrity” have proven to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Sources told BFB reporters it has recently been discovered that since the mid-1970s Moore has been the victim of a highly intricate and complex long con perpetrated by a classmate named Ricky from his New Mexico high school days.

Upon hearing the news of the curtain being pulled on the existence of Mr. Mediocrity, DSMs companywide are anticipating a record-breaking summer.

When reached for comment, Moore told reporters, “Looking back on the whole thing, I don’t know how I didn’t see it right in front of me. It’s embarrassing to think about now. We had been in communication this whole time, but I never once saw him in person. Those countless conversations… those ‘dwoingg’ noises! Sweet Aunt Jemima this is a hard one to swallow. Boy am I red in the face.”

Dr. Rock's existence now under question

Dr. Rock’s existence now under question

At press time, discussions were overheard by reporters about turning an investigative eye towards Carol Caught-short and Lee McCroskey‘s “Dr. Rock.”

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