4 Summer Alum Credits Success to Sales Experience With Southwest Books

Arnette excited to hear of young people still gaining valuable life lessons at Southwest

As wealthy investment banker Collin Arnette read the morning headlines of the Wall Street Journal from his high-rise Manhattan townhome, he reflected on what it was that helped him reach the apex of success that he always dreamed of obtaining. In a candid interview with BFB reporters, Arnette said the biggest thing that helped him surpass his every career goal was the four years of business experience he gained from Southwest Book Sales.

“When I look back over my time at Southwest, I can’t help but think of all the challenges I had to overcome, the perseverance I learned, and the positivity that Southwest Sales Books taught me,” shared Arnette. “Being a top first year, building a team, and running an organization at Southwest Summer Books was one of the greatest experiences of my young adulthood. It really stayed with me; I still use the things I learned then in my life even to this day.”

Arnette explained that after four successul summers, his resume was eye-catching enough that Goldman Sachs offered him a newly created position as Director of International Investment Strategies.

Arnette added, “I can’t thank the leadership at Southwest College Book Sales enough. I still speak with my former managers at least once a month. Those four summers are something I’ll tell my grandkids about someday. I’m putting an alumni letter together now, but in the mean time, if anyone out there is considering spending a summer with the Southwest Book Group, my advice: Do it and don’t look back. The experience will stay with you forever. Thank you, Southwest!”


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