SW Board of Directors Hit Sizzler, Growth, IWW with 43.6M Unit Insurance Company Package

The Grahams – proud new owners of a 23 year old protection-oriented insurance sales company, marketing to middle-income families through a captive agency force

DICKENS COUNTY, TX – Now that the 3-day cancellation window has closed, company officials excitedly announced today that the Board of Directors are projected to hit Growth Award, IWW, and plan to be on the Mexico beaches over Thanksgiving break this fall with the recent writing of a $218 million insurance company order.

The Board of Directors, who have been approaching families throughout Dickens County, TX all summer, finally wrote up the company order on the front steps of the Graham family’s home on Sagebrush Lane during their 4th goal period of the day.

“We’re excited about owning our very own insurance company. The kids seemed to think they’d use it, and it just seemed like a smart investment,” explained Todd Graham to reporters, noting that he requested his check be held till next Friday.

According to reports, the Grahams put half down, the other half to be paid when the company is delivered at the end of the summer. Sources say a green card will be sent 3-5 days in advance to let them know the exact day when the company will be delivered.

The Board of Directors seemed enthusiastic about finding the recent “pony”, noting that the only hiccup along the way was that the sale took nearly 35 minutes to complete.

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