Irresponsible Mother Knowingly Allows Husband To Leave House With All of Family’s Cash, All Checkbooks, All Debit/Credit Cards at Once

MUSCLE SHOALS, AL – Grossly negligent mother of three, Tammy “Tammee” Tammison, knowingly let her husband leave her and the children at home all day today without any form of monetary access or methods of payment. According to FORCE dealer Lewis Walker, Tammy explained how her husband Russ “Rusty” Tammison left home this morning at approximately 7:30am carrying all of the family’s cash, every checkbook including spares, and a small stack of every debit card and credit card that the family owns — causing her to regretfully pass on purchasing a set of Ask Me’s. Walker told BFB reporters that he learned Russ typically doesn’t leave for work each day with every available method of financial transaction that the family has access to, however according to Tammy, “today was just different for whatever reason.”

When asked if she was concerned about not having a single dollar on hand for even emergency use, Tammy explained that such a scenario was unlikely as she “ain’t never had no emergencies before.”

Area neighbors expressed concerned and questioned the need to call Child Protective Services to report the parents’ unbelievably risky actions.

“Why would a mother or father of three knowingly put their children at risk by keeping them at home with an adult who chooses to have literally zero access to any form of money whatsoever? What if something where to happen while the other parent was gone?!” asked concerned neighbor Amilia Gomez when reached for comment.

At press time, speculation was beginning to emerge that perhaps Tammy did indeed have access to forms of payment, but that she instead thought making up a completely unnecessary lie would be a more polite form of human interaction than simply expressing honest disinterest in purchasing a product.

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