Dealer Rejected By Birthday Party On Own Birthday, Cries

Family to Madan: “You’re interrupting. Can you come back in a few weeks with whatever it is you’re doing?”

DANVILLE, VA – Tyler Madan (Dynasty) happened upon a fun, lighthearted, cupcake-filled 16th birthday party Saturday afternoon during his callbacks. Madan, who happened to be turning 19 the same day, attempted to make a connection with the family at the door by informing them that it was coincidentally his birthday as well, but was instead met with sour looks and a request to return “in a few weeks” with “whatever it is you’re doing”. According to reporters, Madan overheard giggles, singing, and cheerful mentions of vanilla bean ice cream coming from the family’s patio behind the privacy fence while returning to his car. Sources estimate that Madan blubbered through the next three to five approaches while gently sobbing.

When reached for comment, birthday boy Justin Parker told reporters that his hopeful candle-blowing wish was for something that will help out with Algebra II next year.

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