Editorial: “How to BWOTSSFA” by Wade Burkholder

I’m Wade, and I BWOTSSFA like every week pretty much. I’m basically a BAMF when it comes to BWOTSSFAs. Do you want to have a BWOTSSFA too? Yeah you do. So here are a few things I do that really put an exclamation point after that ‘A for Awesome’ in the word BWOTSSFA!

1. Build trust with moms fast during rapport by having them do trust falls — off the kitchen table or off the front porch. Names are cool and all, but moms really feel good about writing you a check after you’ve caught them from landing in the shrubbery.

2. Call moms “mom” during your demo instead of by their name — makes them feel like you’re their child, and who wouldn’t want to buy from their own child. Fact.

3. Search Twitter every morning for people posting about hoping a book salesman comes by their house. Hasn’t happened yet, but the point is you have to always be prepared and think outside the box.

4. Before opening up the website or logging people on, get them laughing with some funny YouTube videos. You’re already at the computer anyway. You don’t have to be funny to make money when someone getting hit in the crotch can get that laugh for you.

5. Focus on who buys. There’s no better way to boost your confidence and self-worth then by making a sale, and the source of confidence is customers. Everyone knows that. Also, remember that units are what makes or breaks your summer. Focus on units too.

6. Territory. I like mine to have some rolling hills and homes with mid-length driveways. It makes the prospects more welcoming and that translates into units. Again, units are key. Without them you’ll never hit Sizzler. Which brings me to my next point.

7. Think about Sizzler all day. Non-stop. If you’ve been on it, then you know how awesome it is, and you’re awesome for being on it. Think Sizzler at the door, between doors, in the house, talk about it during your demos, and yell it during your cold shower every morning. “Sizzler, baby!” You need to have a purpose. That’s mine, and it should be yours too, but only if you’re serious about a BWOTSSFA.

8. Put pressure on yourself. Why not? Are you scared? Can you not handle it? I’m sorry, I thought we were professionals here, and professionals perform under pressure. ‘Nuff said.

9. I don’t care for the number 9. On to number 10.

10. Crystal Light. Didn’t see that one coming, did you. Crystal Light is pretty refreshing during the mid-afternoons if you just drop a pack down into your water bottle around 2 or 3 o’clock. You’ve just turned that 3rd water bottle of the day into a surprisingly delicious treat.

Well that’s it for me. Take these tips and enjoy your BWOTSSFAs. You can thank me on Sizzler.



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