Oklahoma selects Penn State’s Amanda Axt in first-round draft for 2012 season

STATE COLLEGE – According to details surfacing from today’s press conference, Axt received a phone call from OK Governor Brad Henry this morning informing her that the state has selected her as their first round pick for 2012. An enthusiastic Axt told reporters that she was “excited to spend the season lassoing some real cowboys” and that she needed to start shopping for a good 10 gallon hat and some chaps to match her fanny pack.

Rumors are circulating widely about other first round picks with Ontario and Toronto already in talks with Jenny Ly and Anna Hoang of Vancouver. Louisiana officials have come publicly forward about their hopes of having a high enough draft pick to select Iowa’s Joe Leibfried, as the state could use a good Finance major to fill the sales shoes of an aging Grayson Jones.

With a poorly-educated Tennessee still eyeing USF’s Katie Collins as their first round pick, experts have also stated that other first round picks could also go to rookie managers such as Georgia Tech’s Brandon Abernathy, Nebraska’s Steve Thyden, and even Indiana’s Diane Tejam.

In related news, North and South Dakota are still petitioning just to have picks in this year’s draft claiming that Texas’ performance in 2011 seems to have eliminated their eligibility this year, while Wisconsin’s obesity problems forced them to swap their first and second round picks to Minnesota in exchange for a tub of butter.

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