Although dealers will save money with solar powered bookmobiles, repairs will be expensive as most mid-western states will still have primarily gravel roads.

Using the internet and a fortune teller hired for an Eagle/Blitz team building exercise, Southwest Advantages officials have been able to get a glimpse into the year 2062, 50 years into the company’s future, learning a surprising amount about upcoming business developments:

  • Experienced dealers are still trying to break Dustin Hillis’ record
  • Robots sell 50% more than humans on average
  • Civilization on the moon offers new ‘virgin territory’
  • “We’re friends with aliens” replaces the “I’m a teacher” objection
  • Weekly activity reports are abolished, as SW finally concedes that students just don’t care about them
  • ‘The breakfast spot’ evolves into students downloading dynamic satellite maps of their territories while they consume their breakfast pills
  • Polyester-silicone fibre filament fanny packs
  • Customers always perplexed when given two copies of hand-written paper receipts
  • Cryogenically frozen Spencer Hays still directing company
  • Flying your car into space is the new ‘going to the movies’ for off-schedule dealers
  • Most people still just aren’t interested

A Look Ahead: SW in the year 2062

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