Patrick Tullius Selected Again To Run Women’s Meeting in Sales School

Tullius seen here empathizing with the struggles of today’s bookwoman

NASHVILLE – Back by popular demand, Bookfield veteran Patrick Tullius will once again lead the traditional ‘Women’s Meeting’ during his week of sales school this spring. According to lady-dealer feedback, other meeting leaders such as Yvette Kuester and Virgie Sandford proved to be effective teachers, yet seemed to lack the emotional, metaphysical, and even preternatural connection that Tullius mystically conveys to female dealers while teaching from stage.

Eagle/Blitz Org Leader Carla Collins told reporters, “This will be my fourth women’s meeting, and Patrick is by far the most exhilarating teacher I’ve ever seen or heard. When he’s on stage, it’s as if he becomes this discarnate fountain from which flows this beautiful life force of pure unbridled estrogenic affinity that we all seem to share. I just, I just feel… safe.”

Tullius with roommates, demonstrating passion and confidence

After years of being overlooked, Tullius was first nominated to run the women’s meeting after his undeniable 2009 summer executive exercises showcased a blossoming yet true connection to the female psyche and spirit. Daily he led his HQ’s morning routine which included not only a shirtless “booty bump” but also a half-naked song and dance while holding the sweaty hands of his male roommates. Company officials described Tullius as being comfortable and secure with his taut sexuality, unwavering masculinity, and take-it-up-a-notch salesmanship; and that he was ready to lead what many now call a “life-changing” meeting.

Tullius’ women’s meeting has since continually proven to be one that truly inspires a resilient confidence in young female salespeople.

“To put it simply: Patrick understands women,” noted FORCE female student manager Jenny Pearson. “Put any woman you want up on that stage, and they won’t hold a candle to Patrick’s on-point depiction of what it’s like to be a girl on the Bookfield, alone, just wanting someone to appreciate you and your efforts, while simultaneously dealing with continual rejection, the weight of your sample case, and afterwards wishing just once, ONCE, that the manager on your nightly stat call would compliment you on something. Anything! And Patrick gets that,” added Pearson, wiping away a single tear.

This year, Tullius’ resonating part is rumored to include some surprise topics such as ‘Fanny pack or purse? How to stay organized’‘Keeping Cute’, ‘Bad Hair Days’, and ‘Three o’clock = feelings o’clock’; all delivered with the signature Tullius winky smile.

“I understand.”


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