Day 6 of police manhunt for student who didn’t show up to 1st day follow-up meeting

MORGANTOWN – Concerns are still growing ever since local WVU sophomore Jesse Pounds attended a campus info session last Thursday, secured a spot in the interview process, but did not attend his day one follow-up meeting on Friday.

Local recruiter Blake Williams told reporters, “We knew something must be wrong when ten minutes had passed, then fifteen, then twenty minutes after the time we had agreed to meet back at the student center for the interview. There was this eerie feeling just sitting there seeing a lone empty chair across the table from me. I’ll admit, for someone to not show up like that, it scared me. It scared me a lot.”

After 30 terror-filled minutes had passed, Williams notified authorities of the missing person immediately.

Campus officials have expressed tremendous concern over the incident.

“For someone to not show up for their follow-up interview for a potential summer internship, for them to not respond to any calls or texts from the recruiter, it seems as if only one nightmarish conclusion can be drawn. However, we’re still hoping for the best and doing what we can to remain optimistic in this situation. At this point we’re just praying for Jesse’s safety, and our thoughts are with his loved ones,” noted Pounds’ business professor Lance Sheiker.

Professor Sheiker also explained to reporters that not only was the sophomore’s wellbeing under question, but that his resume could also be dangerously affected by the lack of work experience due to him being a missing person.


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