Greder Admits Every Management Decision He Makes Comes From Magic 8 Ball

LINCOLN, NE – Greder, FORCE Division Sales Director, admitted in a press conference this afternoon that every management decision he has made since his 2nd summer has come from consulting his Magic 8 Ball. Greder not only admitted to making smaller choices such as whether a first year should follow and what Sunday meeting activities his orgs should do, but also major decisions such as what campuses to build, what states to sell in, and how to structure his personal sales and management base.

Force DSM Yvette Kuester told reporters that she had been suspicious of Greder’s methodology for years, recalling phone conversations where Greder would pause after questions and then give responses such as “Outlook not so good” and “Reply hazy, try again.”

Upon further investigation, Greder also admitted to occasionally using a Bookfield-version See ‘n Say allowing him to pull a cord causing a plastic arrow to spin inside a circle of various management decisions.

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