Rick Perry Headlines

Gov. Rick Perry ended his 2012 presidential campaign this week. We had a lot of headlines but couldn’t decide which one to go with. So we decided to just use all of them.

Perry finishes campaign, still keeps pen behind ear out of habit

Perry’s post-campaign book count way off, stuck in Nashville until checkout re-opens on Monday

Perry finishes campaign 5% below hitting Sizzler

Perry finishes campaign, excited to use his cell phone again

Perry finishes campaign early, forced to COD campaign contributors

Perry finishes campaign, frustrated that Trevecca Nazarene’s college credit won’t transfer to Texas A&M

Perry finishes lackluster first campaign, signs up for 2nd run after PC in Sales Manager’s office

Perry finishes first presidential run, woken by campaign dreams for weeks

Perry finishes campaign, heads to SATCO

Perry ends campaign early, avoids Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Ron Paul on campus all semester

Perry finishes presidential run, can’t decide what to do with all his campaign cargo shorts

Perry returns to Texas from campaign trail Thursday, already has 3 friends on his team for 2016 run

CNN Debate over integrity forces Rick Perry to release second summer Business Activity Report

Perry quits race for president, throws away all hope of winning Persistence Award

Perry ends presidential campaign early, experienced candidates stay behind to deliver his message


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