SW Founder Remains Oblivious To Company’s 150+ Year Legacy of Success

Graves using his death as a reason not to be involved in the company’s day to day operations

NASHVILLE  –  J.R. Graves, founder of SW books, remains in the spotlight of controversy as company officials claim that since his death in the mid-1800’s, his attention and commitment to growing the company has been continually lacking. Although the company has surpassed a sesquicentennial tradition of building great leaders, successful businesses, and even numerous political figures, the company’s founder remains unaware of nearly every single accomplishment or corporate milestone; a now hot-button issue that is raising eyebrows company-wide.

Company officials stated that they feel “disappointed” that Graves continually remains out of the loop in regards to his company’s current events and continues to make zero effort to be involved in any decision making or attend a single board meeting since his passing over 100 years ago.

“Despite our desire for his involvement and input, Graves has shown little to no interest in understanding the goals or direction of our company and appears to show no intentions of changing,” stated an internal email that was leaked to the press by a source wishing to remain anonymous. The email ended with a DSM questioning Graves most recent absentee actions, wondering whether he was focused on “finding an excuse or finding a way.”

Chatter of Graves’ disinterest and unawareness of his company’s new 21st century direction of offering a variety of software and online products to end-customers is now a heated topic as upper-level sales directors remain cautious of moving in business directions that could potentially be in conflict with the vision of the company founder.

Added sales director Chris Samuels, “It’s tough trying to contact someone to see if they’re in agreement with the decisions you’re making when that person died before telephones were invented, and don’t even get me started about trying to get Graves to return an email.”

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