Guy Who Designed Management Pay Structure Still Only One Able To Understand It

LANDERS PLAZA – Based on reports coming from the accounting department, William Furlitz, the man responsible for designing the pay structure applying to student managers up to DSMs, is still the only individual in the company who understands how it works. In 2007, Furlitz originally designed the pay structure around a number of sliding scales which took into account varying factors such as contract level, base production, personal production, org production, residual income, team building, TLCs, logons, cancellations, Skill Builder CD packs, charges to accounts, conferences, get-backs, sales division, old inventory sales, expense reports, prize accounts, second level sizzlers, receipts, tax rates, I Wanna Win finishes, mileage, time zone, and book transfers just to name a few.

In an attempt to simplify the process, Furlitz has released a new easy to understand formula for forecasting and/or calculating personal profit as a manager in 2012 which will then be adjusted to fit each sales group individually based on personal preferences.

The Furlitz Formula*, seen below, will be a new starting place for determining which section of the original formula managers should be using to calculate their earnings.

* Pay structure formula may not apply to managers living or selling in Texas


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