Milestones: Craig Intro Revolutionizes Sales Talk

We pause today to remember one of our most significant and influential dealers to come through our company doors in the past century. For the first 126 years of company operations, the cycle of selling jumped straight from approach to demo, making it difficult to establish rapport and find a need with prospects. During the summer of 1981, one brave young man, Craig Intro, decided to go rogue and spend time “getting to know” the people with whom he was sitting down.

Many thought of this senseless question and answer babble as a waste of valuable knocking time. However, over the course of the summer, his inventive strategy worked so well it boosted him into the ranks of the coveted Superstar Book, convincing company management to implement this added conversation piece into sales talks company-wide. Intro’s new signature strategy worked so well for other dealers, and boosted book sales to such unprecedented numbers, that Spencer Hays declared it a new step in the selling cycle to be forever known as “The Intro.” The Intro was to only be used by experienced dealers, then by first years but only during the second half of their summer — a tradition that still stands to this day.

Aside from Intro, experts still note that the selling cycle has not been impacted in such a way by any dealers since Abraham Demo in 1891 and again in 1934 by Theodore Preapproach.

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