Student Manager Finds Face Of Mort Utley On Toast

Kind of like this, but with Mort instead of Obama

KEARNEY, NE – Area student manager Joel Kosch spotted the face of famed key note speaker Mort Utley this morning while making toast and eggs in his apartment, reported local Kearney press members. According to sources, the third summer dealer retrieved his 12-grain slices from the toaster at approximately 7:45am and noticed the distinct face of Utley staring back at him from the ceramic white plate.

When reached for comment, Kosch told reporters that he “immediately felt like a champion” and reflected throughout breakfast upon Utley’s famous ‘Tom Courtney’ and pony stories.

Upon the release of the news, student managers from states away have flocked to Kearney to view the instantly famous piece of toast which some are calling “a motivational gift from the book gods.”

Even representatives from Gov. Rick Perry‘s campaign phoned in to confirm the existence of the ‘Mort Toast’ in an effort to motivate the Texas governor and former SW dealer in the midst of his struggling Presidential campaign saying, “Hearing about the Mort Toast might help light a new fire under the Governor, and our entire camp.”

This is the second famous-face-on-food spotting of the year, as many remember Omar Iribe also finding the face of Lester Crafton on a taco shell.

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One thought on “Student Manager Finds Face Of Mort Utley On Toast

  1. koschjm says:

    laughin out loud!!!!

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