Blooming Sizzler Relationship Already Over Reports Facebook

FACEBOOK – In a stunning turn of events, first years Kaylie Parkhurst and Sheldon Carlson have decided to call it quits on what was once a romantic and tropical affair on the sandy Mexican beaches just days ago. The two met in the buffet line on Saturday evening as they each reached for the steamed rice scooper at the same time.

According to sources, the two were inseparable from Sunday’s beach volleyball games through Wednesday’s jeep excursion.

“After seeing them dancing at Club Mandala I really thought this was the beginning of something special,” noted Parkhurst’s roommate Amy Strand (FY).

Reports indicate that Carlson and Parkhurst decided to “go Facebook official” on Wednesday night despite their hotel’s painfully slow internet connection. However, on Saturday afternoon the two recanted that decision via Facebook chat regretting that maybe they had both been caught up in the moment with feelings heavily influenced by a combination of ocean sunsets, salty sea breezes, Usher songs, and copious amounts of cheap tequila.

At press time, both parties involved were hoping that GRS won’t be too awkward.


One thought on “Blooming Sizzler Relationship Already Over Reports Facebook

  1. Robyn says:

    Sizzler love is the best kind.

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