Dealer Caught Rambling Again During Recruiting Notebook

Rodriguez explaining both the CREW method and a Sunday meeting activity at a local bowling alley

OHIO STATE UNIV. – Senior political science major and now C-contract manager David Rodriguez bored all that’s holy out of a small group of students in the campus union this evening explaining way, way too much about his internship program and the steps of the summer and beyond.

Rodriguez only brought his younger brother Martin to sales school last year, and is just now diving into recruiting efforts for the first time. For nearly two hours tonight, Rodriguez took the group of five through one mundane story after another about “this one time at GRS”, his host family, what Georgia is like in June, different kinds of dogs you meet, and how he put more miles than expected on his car but it was ok because they’re tax deductible.

Sophomore Julie Essop told reporters that she was completely confused by Rodriguez’ stories, but that the internship “sounded like good resume experience.”

“For some reason he kept talking about different selling permits in Georgia, for like 10 minutes,” mentioned Essop. “Can I just apply for Southwest online or do I have to go to another one of these?”

At press time, Rodriquez was wrapping up his notebook session and passing out his email address to members of the small group so that they could contact him if interested in hearing more.

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