Supply Guy Breaks Company Record in White Card Sales

AUBURN UNIVERSITY – With October 31st marking the end of the 2011 selling season, the final sales figures have been tallied and B-contract manager Austin Perkins set a new company record with over 1,000 white notification card sales to members of his org this summer. This marks the first time in company history that the 1,000 mark has been surpassed by a supply guy.

“I knew about week 9 that we were on to something big, but I never expected to be a company record holder. This an honor,” remarked Perkins to the crowd of reporters. “I think the effort that we made as a group helped us boost our weak customer delivery percentage from the usual 50% up to nearly 55%.”

With a final count of 1,024 white cards sold this summer, Perkins will receive his award during a special recognition part during the Freddies at GRS in January, where he will also be teaching an advanced supply sales part from the main stage on Friday of GRS.

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