Beverly Hodges Finishes Thinking About It, Ready To Buy

ROCHESTER, MN – Beverly Hodges, local bank teller and mother of a 1st and 2nd grader, has recently spent the majority of her spare time contemplating a purchase of books from local student dealer Sam Ridley. On June 11, Ridley stopped by Hodges’ home and gave her a kids book presentation, but no decision was made at the time due to Hodges’ request to “think about it and do some research.”

“After he left I started my first rough draft of a pros and cons list as to whether or not I should buy the books,” explained Hodges to reporters. “After two weeks of jotting reasons down, I entered the data into my home computer in order to make some pie charts and line graphs. Color coordinating everything also helped.”

Hodges went on to explain throughout the press conference that her reason for procrastinating on her book buying decision was validated due to an obvious lack of opportunity for serious thought and research being done on her end.

Hodges continued, “During the months of July and August I must have surveyed at least 200 community members as to whether or not they decided to buy, along with their reasons why. I spent most of August researching the company, interviewing previous customers, knowing who the manufacturers are, and doing detailed background checks; and no, not background checks on just Sam the Bookman. Please, like this is my first buying situation! I also wanted to do background checks on each of the individual authors of the books, along with their individual track records as professional educators and educational book authors, and then read the previous works they have written. The things they write may or may not enter my children’s minds, so I need to know what I’m dealing with here. As a parent, protecting my children from the dangers of the world is my top priority.”

According to reporters, what pushed Hodges over the buying line was the 84th customer testimonial that she personally collected on October 28 that “really spoke to her” and it was at that point she knew that this would be the right decision to make.

At press time, Hodges was being handed the keys to her brand new Honda CR-V that she saw shining on the lot as she drove past it for the first time on her way home today, mentioning that she’ll “have to pass on the books right now. Money’s tight.”


One thought on “Beverly Hodges Finishes Thinking About It, Ready To Buy

  1. Anonymous says:

    So people do really think about it…wow, and I thought this was always a throw-away objection. Thanks for the good news.

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