Early Champion HQ Returns to Joplin for 4th Annual Reunion

JOPLIN, MO – Conversations filled with nostalgic memories hung in the air throughout Labor Day weekend as the 2007 early champion HQ reunited once again in downtown Joplin. Kyle Parsons (U of A), David Rudd (Utah Tech), and Sam Manning (Nevada State) rendezvoused at their old breakfast spot ‘Sunny Side Up’ last Saturday morning to relive stories, memories, and the breakfast platters that the three collectively shared for nearly a week in late May of 2007.

“This always takes me back,” said Parsons of the parking lot where they thought about doing execs each morning. “It seems like just yesterday we were each sitting right here trying to pick a new city on our maps to work that day.”

Added Rudd, “You guys remember the drive out here? It was so long! It really brought us together, you know?”

The three drove over to their old HQ to visit the Schad Family who once opened their home to the boys for what most likely could have been 14 weeks or more. “Yeah, we kinda remember them being here. They were the ones from out west, right?” noted Mr. Schad when finally reached for comment after the roommates drove away.

“You know what my favorite memory is — when we all opened our First Bank of Joplin checking accounts at the same time and they gave us a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse and we got to go to a nice dinner together that Wednesday. Talk about friendship!” recalled Manning, driving the ‘bookmobile’ past the Joplin city hall where the three filled out applications for sales permits.

This year brought a highlight as Rudd later surprised his roommates with the original pre-approach map he drew of the street he worked, recalling the first door he knocked on sparking similar first-door and follow-day stories from the other two.

At press time, the HQ was debating whether Thursday or Friday was the rainiest day that week.

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    rofl rofl rofl

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