Dealers Totally Pumped About [thing]

BOOKFIELD – Dealers became suddenly and overwhelmingly excited and enthusiastic today about [thing] taking place, being announced, or just simply existing. Students from campuses across the United States & Europe rose to their feet in applause, cheers, high fives, and funky chickens upon hearing of [thing]. Sources indicate that many Dealers have begun describing [thing] as “rockstar ninja” and mentioning that “it’s a great day to be a bookman” knowing that [thing] will happen, is happening, has happened, or just exists. With only an announcement being made and no concrete details available yet about [thing], experts anticipate that Dealers’ collective zeal and elation over [thing] will fade and, sequentially, be replaced by a tremendous wave of new-found passion and undying commitment for [stuff].

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This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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