Company Finally Finds Dealer Willing To Fill Out Summer Feedback Questionnaire After 2 Days of Mind-Numbing Paperwork

LANDERS PLAZA – With nearly 1,100 dealers already checked out for the summer, this morning first year dealer Lance Coyne became the first student of 2011 to fill out the optional checkout questionnaire about his summer. The questionnaire offers students an opportunity to voice their experiences, feedback, and suggestions in essay form using 5,000 words or less. After two full days of calculating his remittances against his account totals, counting remaining inventory and returning leftover merchandise, reviewing and accounting for his credit card charges, visiting the customer service center to address cancellation issues with stop payments that received refunds and any pending cancellations, reconciling the different tax rates that were charged for varying amounts of merchandise sold in four cities and three counties, going through his shipment lists and order books and selling 101 to tally an initial book count, going through his sales and delivery records again to verify his tallies, calculating his tack-ons and combined unit totals, sorting his stacks of transfer forms into numerical order, filling out COD forms for customers missed, issuing compensation requests for his permits, reviewing and inputting data from his expense reports from 13 BARs, updating his contact and mailing information for the new school year, sitting through a 2 hour transitions meeting, having a conference with his sales manager, reviewing his account statement from dealer services and re-searching for merchandise that he was over/under, Coyne then filled out the summer questionnaire:

“Summer was pretty good. My host family was ok too. They had a cool dog. I didn’t see them too often. I liked my roommates and my OL. We went to a baseball game one Sunday. That was my first time to see a professional sports team play live. We had to leave at the 7th inning though. Anyway, I’m hoping I hit Sizzler. I’m like super close right now. Lester said he thinks I will.”

Coyne’s feedback is currently the key piece of data being analyzed by company officials in a planning meeting of corporate improvement for the summer of 2012.


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