Hays – A Lot On His Mind, No One To ‘Puke Up’ To

Hays hinting during a public speaking appearance that it would be nice to have someone to spill his guts to every now and then

LANDERS PLAZA – According to mumbles overheard by his colleagues, Chairman of the Top Level Executive Committee Board Hays seems to have a list of grievances he would like to discuss with someone, except that no one is his superior in the chain of management.

Hays has always encouraged the salespeople and managers he has led to ‘puke up’ when conversing about any dissatisfactions with situations or associates, and to seek council from a manager or superior who can best help you resolve your issue.

Sources indicate that Hays would like to chat with someone, just once, about this one guy Brad from his 3rd summer, how someone keeps adjusting the office thermostat, how uncool it was when the Times-Mirror shenanigans went down in ’69, how he can’t find a reliable dry cleaner for his suits, fluctuating stock prices, and those neighbor kids who won’t stay out of his yard.


2 thoughts on “Hays – A Lot On His Mind, No One To ‘Puke Up’ To

  1. Savannah says:

    After all the happy, healthy, and terrific years of bringing the Good Book to families in their homes, Spencer Hays undoubtedly knows of the man upstairs. I couldn’t even begin to be sure of what is being calculated behind those marvelous eyebrows, but if he is looking to up-chuck, then my guess is he already tried the great I Am. (Hmmm More natural disasters do seem to occur as of late.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Spencer can puke to God

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