Weak Customer Backs Out of Order, Nation Shocked

SPARTANBURG, SC – Citizens across the country were in pure disbelief today upon hearing the news that weak customer Shelby McMahan, mother of two hyperactive children, backed out of her order today for a set of Ask Me – Reptiles. McMahan who had put $0 down as a deposit in late May when area dealer Scott Manard stopped by, gave Manard her word that she would “definitely” have the money in August.

“You never see a thing like this coming,” said Palo Alto, CA resident Emily Taurin when told of the news. “We can only hope as a nation that this is an isolated incident and that other occurrences don’t happen elsewhere.”

David Reynes, a Wyoming small business owner, feels the same way saying, “What a tragedy. Just heartbreaking. Our thoughts can only go out to that dealer and his family. I hope this sends a message to the youth of our country.”

According to reports, Manard will have no choice but to now try to tack-on the books to another customer or return them to the warehouse in Nashville. Either way, the cards are definitely stacked against his sales manager for any hopes of signing the dealer up for another year.

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One thought on “Weak Customer Backs Out of Order, Nation Shocked

  1. Davis says:

    hadn’t he already ordered the books in good faith? paid the freight on them?

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