Dealer Totes Angry Birds High Score at Checkout, Summer Check Disappointing

LANDERS PLAZA – First year dealer Carlos Benton from the University of Texas accomplished an impressive feat this summer on his iPhone. Benton, who just upgraded week 5 from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4, had to re-install the Angry Birds App to his new phone, forcing him to start from scratch and replay every level.

Benton applied success principles he had heard in sales school to his Angry Birds feat such as determination, perseverance, and goal setting — allowing him to not only achieve over 100,000 points on each and every level, but also hit 3 stars and claim all the golden eggs that the game offers. Benton spent weeks 5 – 11 fiercely focused on his goals and achieved what he called his own ‘I Wanna Win’ finish by beating the game on Thursday of his last week, which allowed him time to catch up on the movies he missed over the summer before his delivery day.

Benton showed dealers from his org, campus, and other sales groups, his accomplishment during checkout in the company auditorium today, bragging that no one could touch his high score.

At press time, Benton had been called up to Dealer Services to review his sales totals from week 1 – 4 and pick up his check for $19.44 to end his summer internship. However, Donna Leone in the Remittance Office handed him a $20 bill and told Benton to just keep the change.

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One thought on “Dealer Totes Angry Birds High Score at Checkout, Summer Check Disappointing

  1. Jes Carey says:

    I just peed a little

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