Bedford Holding Late Summer Dealers Accountable From Hot Air Balloon

OVERHEAD – In an admirable effort to motivate extended-summer, west coast, and European dealers into maintaining healthy work stats, the CEO has been pumping flames into his balloon and floating in the skies over various sales localities. A busy Bedford took time off from his strenuous work routine to ensure that these dealers could have a company representative to hold them accountable as they spend their days selling, knowing how many other students have already completed their checkout process and are already sleeping in and partying back at school with their friends.

Bedford told reporters that, much like the dealers below, he packs a lunch in a cooler each morning, draws his maps, and fires up “Ol’ Fire Ball” and watches the selling efforts through his binoculars from the wicker basket dangling from a canvas of captured heat.

When reached for comment, 14th week dealer Travis Lopes told reporters, “Man, that was really helpful today. It’s week 14 and my motivation is long gone and when I felt like taking a long break or stopping, I’d just look up and right there in the sky was this huge multi-colored balloon, kinda like a gumdrop, and I knew by CEO was watching me, so I went to the next house.” Added Lopes, “I think he saw me looking up at him because I saw a flame shoot up into the balloon, kinda like a signal to remind me ‘no means next’ or something.”

At press time, Lopes received a text from Bedford that read, “Gettin kinda windy up here. Have 2 float on now. Finsh strng!1”


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