Company Announces ‘Bookfield Bulletin Club’ For 3,000 Units In One Week

LANDERS – “We’ve been trying for years to come up with a way to truly motivate dealers and break belief barriers allowing someone to hit 3,000 units in a week,” stated Company Executives in a press conference this morning. “This is the perfect way to do it.”

The entire company was a buzz today with dealers and employees chatting about the new sales incentive. Whether it was students beginning their checkout process, en-route to the company, or still on the Bookfield, each found their thoughts and conversations focused on the most prestigious sales award that corporate has created in over 160 years.

“I wish I wasn’t checking out already,” said UT-Knoxville student manager Zac Slabaugh. “Now I have to wait until next summer to try and be the first to ever hit BFB Club. Those dealers who are still out there selling are so lucky!”

“We really wanted to show our gratitude to the BFB as a continued inspirational news source and for the innumerable contributions that it has bestowed upon our company, our employees, and our dealers over the past year,” said an official statement released today by the Board of Directors.

Explaining the details of the newly announced sales award, regional sales director Kevin Johnson broke down the requirements noting, “All you really have to do is take whatever work stats it would require of you to sell 3,000 units and just do that in 6 days. It’s really just averaging 500 units per day, or if you want to crystalize your goals, it breaks all the way down to 0.6 units per minute. That’s just not bad. There’s really no excuse not to hit it.”

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