Strong Side / Weak Side: JOHN CAREY


3 thoughts on “Strong Side / Weak Side: JOHN CAREY

  1. Bennette Sebastian says:

    Strong Side: once started a push-up contest at a funeral, got everyone involved
    Weak Side: funeral was for one of his first years, who died of heat stroke while on a John Carey book schedule

  2. Jes Carey says:

    I must amend this a bit:

    Weak Side:

    1. Has been mistaken at many doors to be Justin Beiber

    2. Has been to two MatchBox 20 concerts

    3. Still takes buddy showers

    4. Got caught stealing rubbers in middle school

    5. Has at least one arson charge and was caught peeing publicly in turf

    6. Has the nickname Manimal for possibly having superhero genes.

    Strong Side:

    1. Let a middle school girl his 3rd summer spray paint on the hood of his car JOHN IS GAY

    2. Has survived many near death experiences from angry dads whose life savings were spent on educational products for the kids

    3. Wears pink socks

    4. Made it out alive after a summer sharing a room with Rowdy Green

    5. Convinced his sister to come sell books door to door instead of traveling the country with her boyfriend’s band.

    6. Convinced her to do it again, and again, and again….hehe

    Love you Brother. : )

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