American Dealers Blame 2011 Sales Decline On Not Being European

With the top American dealers delivering what is forecasted to be in the 4,000 unit range, students from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts are blaming their severe sales declines on the fact that they’re not European. Even snarky Euro-looking dealers such as Jean-Pierre (pictured) hit double growth this summer on his bicycle. Former top American schools such as Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Missouri are even expected to be outranked this summer by European campuses such as the University of Cologne, College of Tea and Crumpets, Metric System Tech, and Hasselhoff University. The major geographic shift in countries and campuses that are turning out the top salespeople has now started to change the way the general public views the Company, with many now describing it as “a European sales company that has a bunch of Americans who are just kind of there.”

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One thought on “American Dealers Blame 2011 Sales Decline On Not Being European

  1. I just went to a Sunday meeting with a Euro-org composed primarily of shirtless students from Hasselhoff Univ. Well-tanned. Good swimmers. All certified in Lifesaving. Great kids.

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