Sleep Deprived Dealer Takes Nap In Storage Unit on Pile of Empty Cardboard Boxes

DELIVERY WEEK – Walking zombie-like student manager Jordan Palmateer paused today to steal a morning nap during his 11th day in a row of deliveries. Palmateer told reporters he felt as though he was truly experiencing the pros and cons of increasing in his sales production over last summer, in that his business made more money and he had more fun, but he hasn’t enjoyed a solid night of sleep in over a month.

“I was delivering until, I swear, like 3:30am last night. I don’t even know. I passed out in the seat of my car and woke up this morning parked on the side of some country highway when a big tractor drove past me,” recalled Palmateer, adding, “What the h__ was I thinking scheduling 38 deliveries in the country.”

At his storage unit, Palmateer (pictured) re-loaded his ’97 Toyota Corolla again and decided to rest his eyes for a bit on a broken down pile of Ask Me – Mammals boxes, using an empty CD bundles box as a makeshift pillow.

At press time, Palmateer still had 24 deliveries to make today and had neglected to do his banking for a 2nd straight day.


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