Malone NY Celebrates Dirt Pile Story, Erects Statue of Lee McCroskey

Malone, NY - home of the famous Dirt Pile story

MALONE, NY – Today a proud Lee McCroskey stood surrounded by a crowd of local officials and reporters from across the upstate areas as Mayor Brent Stewart and Governor Andrew Cuomo presented McCroskey with a key to the city and unveiled a statue erected in his honor.

A humbled and nearly speechless McCroskey thanked his family, his student manager, and velour jumpsuit for all being part of helping him make history and to “help put this great city on the map.”

Mayor Stewart referred to McCroskey as “a modern-day hero” for not only informing thousands of Malone citizens about the importance of education while he was a student dealer, but also informing thousands of people about the existence of Malone, NY.

Continued the Mayor, “The only reason people ever used to stop in Malone was to get gas, but our city has seen a big spike in tourism over the years as more and more people have been informed of the historic events that occurred here thanks to Lee.”

The statue, displaying the caption “Alone in Malone” is now open to the public and can be viewed where the vacant lot used to be past the Arby’s at the corner of highway 16 and Main Street.



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One thought on “Malone NY Celebrates Dirt Pile Story, Erects Statue of Lee McCroskey

  1. It wasa proud moment for me. I felt I’d contributed in some small way to the betterment of Malone as a community. I am deeply honored by the tribute. (The artist’s rendering is uncannily accurate.)

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