Struggling Ranol Kasevali Unable To Hit 2,000 Units In a Week

UTAH – As another disappointing and emotionally challenging week came to an end on Saturday evening, Ranol Kasevali dropped his robotic calculator to the ground and collapsed into sobs as his week’s total sales only reached a meager 1,642 units.

“I worked over 83 hours again this week! I thought for sure I would be able to jump from averaging over 20 units per hour to 25. That was my goal!” explained Kasevali to reporters as he flipped through the pages of his tear-stained pre-approach pad.

Kasevali wondered aloud if he should return for another summer, or if he just wasn’t cut out for this and should hang up his sample case for good after checkout.

Unfortunately for first year dealer Rachel Lynch, her best week to date this summer in work stats and sales landed her on the cover of the Pacesetter just to be over-shadowed by Kasevali’s disappointing swing and miss at a much anticipated 2,000 unit week.

Kasevali, who is personally responsible for 85% of all experienced dealer production company-wide this summer, managed to gain his composure enough to vow that tomorrow he would begin to salvage his summer and just focus on hitting PC everyday – one 100 unit goal period at a time.

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