Molly Aiken Most Obnoxious Follower

BOOKMOBILE – Sources confirmed today that Molly Aiken is in fact the most annoying follower that a dealer can have shadowing them. According to 3rd summer manager Taylor Kerns, Aiken is “just the worst” mentioning how he was excited to start his week fresh today, but then his OL called at breakfast and broke the bad news to him.

“Molly sucks,” explained Kerns adding, “Usually I try to stay positive about everything I can, but Molly, ugh, what a trainwreck.”

Continued Kerns, “Let me just give you a run down of what happened last time she followed me, which was just 2 weeks ago by the way, why she’s following me again I don’t know, I guess my OL just hates me. I go over the ground rules each time like ‘Don’t ask questions all day, just write them down. Don’t interrupt demos, etc.’ I have to drive 20 minutes away to pick her up for whatever reason, she gets in and starts bitching about her roommate, spills a red bull all over my pre-approach pad and console – now that’s all sticky – she insists that we use the A/C instead of windows down, and launches into this asinine story about some dog she met. She texts all day, even during my demos. Mid-afternoon she puts in a Clay Aiken CD. Seriously, Clay Aiken? She said she likes his music because ‘we have the same last name hehehe’. Idiot. She ate 2 of my granola bars without asking, and during gravy she wouldn’t leave the car for half an hour and kept saying she was ‘just gonna sit this one out.'”

At press time, reports indicated that Kerns and Aiken were arguing over a doctor’s appointment she had scheduled this afternoon that she needed him to drive her to.


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