Dealer Charges Customers More For Books Than What Dealer Paid For Them

PITTSBURGH – Following a string of complaints from local residents, dealer Ashley Collins was found to be charging customers more for the books that they purchased from her, a price referred to as “retail”, compared to something called a “wholesale” cost which she paid the book supplier. According to sources, it was discovered that in some cases Collins, who was operating her own independent business, was charging customers as much as a 40% markup versus the at-cost price which she paid for those products, again, called ‘wholesale.’

According to reporters, certain customers were outraged upon hearing the news.

“I can’t believe someone would do a thing like that,” said local Pittsburgh mother Heather McCormick. “A young girl like that comes to our home and we buy educational books from her thinking that she’s doing a good thing, just to find out that she’s charging us retail when she only paid wholesale for those books herself. This is why capitalism is ruining our country. I’d bet Obama was behind this!”

Reports indicated that McCormick had recently returned from the local mall where she had also purchased a bottle of perfume which, according to sources, had a 1700% markup which she seemed to be ok with because it “smells like flowers” and “makes [her] feel pretty.”

When reached for comment, company representatives explained that Collins’ actions were standard practice, and that the company has a 150+ year history of dealers charging customers what they call “retail prices”, apparently the standard way every business in existence generates a profit.

However, flag-waving Pittsburgh resident Jim Acres feels the same way as McCormick, saying between Budweisers and Toby Keith songs, “I don’t know none of the details, but I do know that last time I checked this here was America, and Americans don’t treat Americans this way — telling them some inflated price with numbers in it, and charging them all this money when it only costs a fraction of that. This ain’t China! Tell you what dagummit, if she comes to my house, she’s gonna get a piece of my mind; and the red, white, and blue.”

At press time, Collins was discussing options for new sales locality over the phone with her manager after reading a front-page “BOOK CROOK” headline in today’s local paper.


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