SW Alum Expected Book Selling Experience Would Lead To Bigger Things Than Living Around Baltimore

Alumni Spotlight: Davis Miller

DAVIS MILLER: “I sold books for four summers and did reasonably well. I won awards, incentive trips, even led successful sales organizations. I had aspirations of being a millionaire by age 30, having already started and grown my own sales empire, and yet… here I am, already 24 years old, and I live in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. Seriously, that’s it??”

Miller told reporters he was excited to sell books as a student at Clemson because he heard that US Congressmen, Senators, and Governors had held the same position with the same company.
Miller is currently disheartened by the fact that he hasn’t been asked to run for public office yet, despite hitting PC the last three weeks of his second summer.
The former top producer lamented to reporters his frustrations with now living in a home that doesn’t even have a third floor, owning only 2 cars, and being financially constricted to vacation only in the western hemisphere.
Added Miller, “I really expected more than this considering I taught an advanced sales part at not only the awards banquet weekend, but also at GRS.”
At press time, much to his chagrin, a baffled Miller felt like just another regular member of society as he headed to a local sports bar to meet some friends for their fantasy football draft, as well as chatting about a recent article that he read on Kobe Bryant’s thoughts on the Lakers’ next season.

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