Study: Houses Don’t Buy Books, Neither Do People On Slow Days

CLAYTON, MO – Local first year dealer Alex Cheng learned another character building lesson today as he discovered that on days such as this one, people do not buy books from people like him. According to Cheng, Clayton residents were “different” today and it didn’t matter what style or color of house he knocked on, or even the type of car the homeowner had, everyone wanted to tell him ‘no’ today. Cheng had suggested to himself mid-afternoon that perhaps it was just a Tuesday type of problem, but reflected on how previous Tuesdays this summer haven’t been as problematic with sales. Cheng later contemplated to himself whether August perhaps brought with it a different and more close-minded attitude to his Clayton prospects, but proceeded to nevertheless continue into his gravy list. Against his newly developed summer sales instincts, Cheng proceeded to approach a home with a brick chimney, which by all previous indications of his selling career, were terrible prospects. Cheng’s doubts were proven accurate as the family closed the door on him without even allowing him opportunity to “go for the bag.” After finishing his day with zero sales, Cheng told reporters that the heat may have played a role in his low sales, or possibly all those homes with the shutters he had to knock on knowing that shutters were a tell-tale sign of a No. At press time, Cheng was relaying the results of his “research” to a skeptical student manager on the phone.


This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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