Opinion: There Aint No Kids Through Here

“Nope. Ain’t a one of them. You’re in the wrong part of town, sweetie. I been living here for 22 years and there ain’t been no kids coming in or out of here since I can remember. Only ones I even know of is the Browns over across the street, two doors over. Yeah, with the blue van. That’s all there is. Have you tried going down to that Meadowlands neighborhood? There’s all kinds of kids there. I’d say at about every house. School bus stops all over the place in there. Not here though. Bus only stops at the Browns and then again at the end of this block to pick a few more up. I don’t recognize those kids cause they just moved in a while back about 3 houses over from me. But yeah, I guess you’re just out of luck here. You probably already went next door to Tonya’s place. Now she’s got one, but he ain’t even in school yet; not till the fall. I can’t believe they’d make you work in this part of town selling kids books where there ain’t even no kids! You should tell your boss that he put you in the wrong part of town, honey. And my kids, well they’re fixin’ to graduate high school in a couple years anyway, plus they’re not even here, they’re down a block at Donna’s probably playin’ that Nintendo with her son. You can see it from here, it’s that brown house way down there. But yeah, there ain’t no kids anywhere through here, darlin’. Sorry.”


2 thoughts on “Opinion: There Aint No Kids Through Here

  1. Anonymous says:


This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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