Manson Guest Speaks At Devlin Org Sunday Meeting

KATY, TX – Gunslinger sales manager Brandon Devlin turned heads once again this past Sunday with his controversial decision to have Marilyn Manson guest speak at the weekly meeting. Manson, a successful goth-rock/metal musician, was initially contacted by Devlin via Manson’s tour manager John Maloney, a company alum. Devlin’s goal was two-fold: to have the musician give a short part about what helped him be successful, and to give dealers an enjoyable Bookfield memory.

“I completely expected Manson to creep everyone out, we’d all get a few laughs out of it, and I’d point out that it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s more about how hard you work,” explained Devlin of his intentions.

“What really surprised me though is how professional Manson turned out to be. He emails me an impressive powerpoint presentation the night before about success principles he’d be covering with the group, Sunday morning he’s texting me to confirm, he shows up 30 minutes early with cinnamon rolls, gives this dynamically powerful part, he even moved a few people to tears when he talked about never giving up. I was blown away,” remarked Devlin.

“Manson spoke about how success means doing things that average people don’t feel like doing — for instance, when he dressed up like an SS Officer. Most people would find that detestable and something that they would never want to do. Actually, that’s pretty bad. Wait, where was I going with this? It made sense the way he presented it,” pointed out student manager Kelly Strickland.

Devlin added, “Now don’t get me wrong, the guy is still a total creep show, and I swear at one point I heard Satan’s voice, but he really connected with us when he talked about how during the time recording his Anti-Christ Superstar album he began each session with a scroll from Og Mandino.”

Devlin noted that what especially perplexed him as a sales manager was that his Houston org was up 666% in production so far this week.

“Seriously?! I mean, that is [expletive] awesome from a sales standpoint, but at the same time it creeps the living [expletive] out of me. How am I supposed to feel about this?!” exclaimed Devlin adding, “I just wanted to impress my group and give them a laugh, and now I’m stuck in this moral dilemma.”

At press time, Devlin was debating on whether to cancel the following week’s alumni speaker Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and instead invite Mastodon.

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