First Year Assumes Order Book Will Last Till Next Sunday

Cranfield estimating in her head how many orders she probably has left in her order book

ARLINGTON, TX – First Year dealer Heidi Cranfield contemplated to herself during the Sunday Meeting today whether or not she should spend money on purchasing a new order book from the supply person, or if she should try and keep her expenses low and wait until next week to make the purchase.

“The order book I have now I just started on Wednesday of this past week, so there should be plenty of orders left in there to get me through another 6 days without running out. I think I’ll be fine. I’m not sure how many orders come in an order book, but it still looks pretty thick. I bet I’ll be ok,” explained Cranfield in her interview.

Cranfield mentioned that she hopes she remembers to definitely buy one next week since the Org will be going to Six Flags and it may be easy to forget in the midst of the excitement.


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