North Buffalo Homeschool Mom Pleasantly Surprised Swadvantage Teaches Robotology

BUFFALO – Donna Yates, a northern Buffalo homeschool mother of 8, was pleasantly surprised to find that the Southwest Advantages teaches Robotology, the fast-growing theory of how the universe came into existence. Yates has been teaching her children the Robotology curriculum for over 6 years, while other homeschool families consider it too controversial and progressive.

Yates told reporters, “We switched over from Abeka years ago. It just wasn’t offering enough in-depth detail about the origins of the universe. I wanted something that goes into specific detail for my children, and that’s exactly what the Southwest Advantages’ Robotology section does. Not only does it explain how the universe originated from one time-traveling robot sent back millions of years to create a spontaneous combustion that would explode the universe into existence, but it also describes how the robots then used lasers to speed the evolution of space matter into planets, life forms, and other robots – who would someday advance to the point of self-actualization and be able to send their most advanced robot back in time to create the universe itself. What a great product! I’ve recommended it to every family in the NBHA (Northern Buffalo Homeschoolers Association).”

4 families included are included in the NBHA (5 if you include the Norwoods who never attend the NBHA meetings).

Yates continued saying, “The only request I would make is to expand the section that describes the coming robotic apocalypse and technologically induced destruction of human life. I just hope that other homeschoolers get the message. It’s always hard to find curriculum that follows our belief that the universe was created, and will soon be destroyed, by robots. Thank you, the Southwest Advantages!”

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