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INTERNET – Prominent new voices have come forward recently on popular website giving their personal accounts of famous stories that dealers have heard over the years.

Yuppy Mom spoke out in a revealing post today that she was not the insufferable elitist mother that the story recalls.

“I did not chase him down through the yard to order books, and I was on an elliptical, not a stair master. Get the facts!” wrote Yuppy Mom in her post under screen name ‘NotYuppyMom95’.

The 3 legged dog also came forward explaining how he has been ostracized for years for allegedly urinating all over himself, facing relentless public humiliation.

“I can’t even enjoy a meal with my family without getting looks from the tables around us and hearing snide comments from passers-by,” noted the 3 legged dog in his post.

The Deaf-mute claims his story has also been misconstrued.

“First of all, my name isn’t ‘Deaf-mute’ — it’s Alex. And I wasn’t a deaf-mute, I was lactose intolerant! That story got fabricated and escalated very quickly,” Deaf-mute explained in his entry.

Other stories and accounts can be found on

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