Late Cancellation Hits Office, Dave Brown New Company Record Holder

NASHVILLE – Explosive news from Landers Plaza broke yesterday afternoon as the daily mail delivery held a late order cancellation from Margaret Bischoff, a customer of Dustin Hillis. The extraordinarily late cancellation lowers Hillis’ company record total down below Dave Brown’s production that same year. According to sources, Bischoff had called to cancel her order within the first 3 days, but the cancellations do not affect dealer accounts without the physical order being received by the customer service department. Bischoff wrote on the comments section of her order cancellation that she had found the crumpled order during a recent move and that she would like to receive her money back for the ‘Ask Me – Reptiles‘ set she had purchased a few years ago.

When reached for comment, Hillis told reporters that he vowed to return to the Bookfield for the summer of 2012 to reclaim his title.

Early estimates of replacing all the marketing materials, public recognition, reprinting superstar books, sales awards, and employee labor is expected to cost the company over $600,000.

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