Dealer Has Repeated Awkward Encounters With Mailman All Day

Shipley approaching as Mays approaches

LAWRENCE, KS – Third summer dealer Chad Mays, a junior at UVA, had repeated encounters with local mailman Hank Shipley during 4 or his 6 goal periods today. What started as a friendly encounter with the postal employee at 9am, developed into a quick wave when paths crossed again at 9:45. Mays noticed Shipley giving a strange second glance when they both stopped at the same house again at 11:30. Mays mentioned it was “a hot one today” to which Shipley replied, “You ain’t kidding,” and proceeded to his next stop. At 12:50 the two met once more in the Stone family’s driveway. Mays asked, “Workin’ hard or hardly working?” prompting Shipley to respond with a chuckle.

“At that point we both felt it beginning to get awkward,” explained Mays. “The mailman kept glancing at my bag, at my dirty car; I could almost hear the questions in his head. Then I ran into him again at 3:30 when I was parked eating a sandwich. I was blocking one of the mailboxes he was trying to deliver to. That was an uncomfortable 30 seconds I’d like to have back.”

Mays thought the end of an awkward series of meetings had arrived at 5pm when he drove out to his first few callbacks just outside the city limits.

“I’m marking people off my gravy list when all of a sudden, I see the mailman coming at me head on again, slowing down for the same driveway I am. What the [expletive]?! And he was looking at me like ‘what the [expletive]’; it was rough.”

At press time, Mays was debating to himself as to whether tomorrow he should find a new neighborhood to work or ask the mailman for pre-approach.


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