SW Confession: Rowdy Green “I Never Lost My Cool Card”

“Nope. Never lost it. Not even my rookie year when everyone says they lost it, or even my 2nd summer when you realize it’s actually important to lose it. Still didn’t. Here’s why: I can’t lose a cool card because I was born this way. That’s right. Born this way. Some people acquire cool, some earn it. I was born with it.

Let me give you a few examples. First of all, my name is Rowdy. Not Lewis, or Donnie, or Ernie. Rowdy. Born cool. When I was 5 I was the only one in my Kindergarten class who was not only reading, but reading Rolling Stone. Cool.

In high school I was voted Prom King every year. I was never even on the ballot. I was captain and scoring leader of every varsity sport. I slept in class with a 4.0 and was voted most likely to succeed at anything ever. I went to college at NMSU – a nationally ranked party school. I ran the coolest fraternity on campus. Have you seen my music collection? It’s full of bands you’ve never heard of. Cool.

Wanna hear about love? The ladies have always had a target on my back, but I was never interested. Then one day I meet this beautiful girl who is totally cool, way smart, and I marry her. Turns out she’s a successful lawyer. Cool.

Did I sell books? No, I ran a successful business, and for more than a decade now. I’ve retailed like a million dollars in my own direct sales alone. Cool.

Am I on Facebook? No. You have to have email for that. I don’t use email. You need me, you talk to me. I’m conversation only. Cool.

What’s next for me? Probably something awesome. I think I’ll go buy a new pair of shades for the next stamp on my passport. My life is your dream. Cool.”

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One thought on “SW Confession: Rowdy Green “I Never Lost My Cool Card”

  1. […] news coming out of Landers Plaza today as Southwestern announced that DSM Rowdy Green‘s famous Doritos Sandwich recipe would not only be included, but in fact be featured in the […]

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