40 y.o. Mark Silvestro On Summer #22, Wife & Kids Concerned

RURAL MIDWESTERN CORNFIELD – Overly experienced dealer Mark Silvestro began his rise through the company ranks of sales, management, and leadership over two decades ago. Silvestro, who was once a dynamic Org Leader, top producer, and upcoming sales manager, made the decision in his the later part of his first decade of selling that he could have the most impact on the educational direction of childrens’ lives by focusing all his efforts on sales alone. In 2002, Silvestro bequeathed his sales base to Lester Crafton and went rogue doing a direct sales solo mission in the rural American mid-west. Ever since, Silvestro has only spent 3-4 months of each year at home with his wife and children; the rest he spends in vigilant direct sales efforts.

Mark’s wife, Amy Silvestro, is particularly concerned this year due to the fact that Mark has not contacted her or the rest of his family in South Carolina since he began his summer in early April. “We’re not sure if he’s still in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, or if we should just file a missing persons report,” Mrs. Silvestro explained.

Even more confused was Mark’s 6 year old son Thomas Silvestro, who told reporters, “Daddy is in a cornfield. He sells books. I love books! I talk to daddy through pictures. Mommy says he’ll be home soon. Mommy cries a lot.”

At press time, a development in the story broke as a mailman delivered a “remittance check” from Mark to Amy Silvestro for the amount of $3,500 with a note attached that read “It’s a great day to be a bookman!”


This story and whoever wrote it sucks and here's why...

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