McDonald Hires Look-alike Hotel Staffer To Run Sunday Meeting, Spends Afternoon Golfing

Porcello, portraying the role of McDonald, leading a part on having a big gravy

ATLANTA – District Sales Manager Sheridan McDonald spent his Sunday 4th of July prep-meeting on the links instead of with three of his Georgia orgs this weekend at a regional gathering. McDonald hired local Holiday Inn laundry supervisor Luis Porcello to lead the meeting, follow the powerpoint presentation, and wear borrowed clothing while playing the role of McDonald, allowing the sales manager to play a full 18 holes at a nearby course. McDonald’s bold decision was reassured when the meeting proved noteworthy with Porcello giving a rousing speech on why to finish strong and come back as a student manager. Unassuming dealers noted the meeting as one of the most motivating moments of the summer thus far.

“Sheridan really gave this warm, sincere part on what it meant for him to work with people like us, and how it all started when he decided his first summer to come back to be a student manager,” explained first year Jennifer Woods. “He also gave some really good pointers about how and where to do our laundry on Sunday afternoons and even recommended a few local places that would wash and fold it for us. He’s so knowledgeable!”

Student managers also noted that McDonald, played by Porcello, gave some much needed heartfelt and encouraging personal conferences that day. As of Tuesday night stat calls, McDonald’s Georgia organizations are up over 200% from the previous week.


2 thoughts on “McDonald Hires Look-alike Hotel Staffer To Run Sunday Meeting, Spends Afternoon Golfing

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  2. Davis says:

    Has anyone asked Porcello whether or not he has definite plans for next summer?

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